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"Bunkerchan" mentioned in popular news outlet (0) KolymaBBS set to disolve this year (3) 4chan's /mlp/ adds custom flags (0) Multich Project leaders LIE to frame kuz (6) Ron Watkins for congress?! (4) 4chan add emojis and stickers as April Fool Jokes (1) Script solves 4chan captcha with 80% accuracy on DAY 2 (3) Owner of 8ch comes out as a furry (0) Soyjak.party taken down for CP, host wipes data (1) Wakarimasen Archive down (2) Kuz in hot water after raiders from the 'party make it on national news (3) The most blatant samefag in history - Ex-Gurochan Mod vandalizes wiki article to own kuz (1) Did gigachad die? (3) Chinese-American movie actor exposed as creator of AM/WF Cuckold Film distributed to 4chan (5) 4chan is getting rid of its /qa/ board (3) SATANIA EVERYWHERE (5) Shii, 4chan, triforcing, others mentioned in scientific paper (0) Vulnerability in Multich allows users to embed malware (5) 2nd oldest english imageboard destroyed by coordinated raid (27) Kuz offers $1,000 reward for info on anti-kolyma criminal (11) 4chan /pol/ thread exceeds 10,000 replies (1) Moot leaves google (11) KNN launches (1) Man paints soyjack with own feces (11) Hispachan, ancient and large spanish imageboard, has closed down (3) Kuroba's (4chan Phone Browser) genius prank (2) Nyafuu Archive is shutting down (2) 4chan bans /cumg/ (2) Kuznetsov's New Years Address delivered to KolymaNET (2) Twitch source code leaked by hackers (8) 8kun's QAnon boards missing (3) US Government requests /pol/ logs from Hiro (3) Russia blocks Kiwifarms and Kohlchan (0) Lainchan offline for unknown reasons (4) Kolyma at war! Largest attack this year (0) 4chan gets a new CAPTCHA (2) Extreme labor shortage may force KolymaNET to shut down (1) /qa/ celebrates hiroyukis 1M youtube subscribers (0) Soyjak imageboard (soyjak.party) hacked (2) Hiro-Coin?! (0) mentally ill mod leaves smugloli (2) American Subtitlers ruin another show (4)

"Bunkerchan" mentioned in popular news outlet

KolymaBBS set to disolve this year

>After discussing some changes with a close friend of mine, I have decided to officially end the KolymaNET dominance I have forced upon some websites of mine.

>Some changes I plan on are moving ayashii.net to become a board of heyuri, moving "KolymaBBS" boards to 9ch, and dismantling the large "Central Group" apparatus, an ugly stain in our history. Several employees have been purged for their part in crimes they commited under KolymaNETs rule, such as the unlawful gurochan cease and desist letter, the lolifox attempted-seizure, and the unjust removal of other members of KolymaNET.

Autonomization, self-determination, and decentralization: Our futures?
A shame to see it go. I wonder what will happen to the news
The end of an era...
why is it a shame? it had like 2 users

4chan's /mlp/ adds custom flags

Multich Project leaders LIE to frame kuz
They deleted this everywhere.

They attacked kolyma, they tried to dox kuz, then they falsely claimed that the owner of the 0chan.vip node worked for kolyma and wasnt exploited, which was easily disprovable since no written contracts signed by kuz and the owner have been shown by either parties.

Multich is a federated bulletin board system ran by mentally ill criminals who try to harm innocent people.
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t*kiko is a known liar, hes creepy too. probably a pedo.

btw, he is antifa, literally. i wouldnt be surprised if he was a thief too.

but then again, that pic on 2ch.cx is hilarious, im not even surprised the anti-kolyma tranny brigaders look like this
original vs censored

(links broke for spamfilter)
https://2ch.cx/src/1311.png - its over
good drama

Ron Watkins for congress?!
>Christian Conservatives yelling obscenities towards the president
>"Counter Culture" leftists demanding that people be censored
And now Ron Watkins running for congress? What kind of fucking timeline are we living in?
Also never forget this picture https://2ch.cx/src/1929.jpg
he has my vote

4chan add emojis and stickers as April Fool Jokes
Users may now collect stickers and post them
I have a feeling they got inspired by Heyuri

I was dumping Heyuri's yotsuba emotes few weeks ago during /a/'s sticky while linking to our BBCode reference page, and the thread was being actively moderated by moderators since there was an ongoing raid - meaning they witnessed my dump and Heyuri's usage of the emotes

Script solves 4chan captcha with 80% accuracy on DAY 2
This is crazy !!!

I knew that it wasn't as reliable but this is pushing it!
Maybe they should rewrite the new captcha systemto work as effectively as a "tried and true" one!

How it would be done I think should be like this:
- Captcha's should never be generated client side. (Stupid!)
- They should be both easy for us but too confusing for the computer! (Bye bye, Mr. Bot! ^__^)
- Maybe... the bot will never see the captcha and constantly fail... (Trippy! O_o)

What do you think? Discuss!
4chan can't even into CAPTCHA!
it seems like kissus happening thread just scrapes from knn

Owner of 8ch comes out as a furry

>I'm coming out. I'm a furry.

>I've known since 2013. I first went to e621 then. I secretly spent a lot of time on 8ch/fur/. @themangolynx drew Nate, which made me feel "I may have a problem I identify more with "[email protected] N8" (FA ID №17308195) than my human body", but kept it secret.

Disabled freak!

Soyjak.party taken down for CP, host wipes data
The soyjak-oriented telegram channel "daily jak" which reports on jakking news, famous jak duels, and new trends in soyjakking has just confirmed from their "inside sources" that the 'party was shut down for a 3rd time, resulting in their host wiping data and soot being forced in to a new host.

A temporary bunker was made available at https://9chan.tw/soyjak/ where the dailyjak editor in chief posted some threads. (WARNING: CP)

The booru and wiki are still online.

Administrator Kuznetsov commented on the issue, saying: "Its deeply concerning, I'll try to extend my hand for soot and if he wants my help, we are always trying to strengthen ties with out peers. Best of luck"

https://9chan.tw/soyjak/ (CP)
> (CP)

Wakarimasen Archive down
>The database host got one complaint and gave me the boot, so the main server has to be moved.
Says the page

The return date is erroneously reported as August 21st 2021 despite that date having passed and it not being possible for it to return on that day.

The page then ends with requests for donations, which is impossible, since anyone who had the good will to donate got their computer destroyed by the 10 billion malware ads which make the site unusable.

It's up again.
It’s all ogre now.

Kuz in hot water after raiders from the 'party make it on national news
Trolls from kuzs recently acquired site "soyjak.party" have made it to the NEWS after their twitch raids go viram online

Less than a day after being taken down, a twitch streamer appeared on yahoo news to discuss her banning at the hands of trolls.

So how did some imageboard users get this streamer banned? Well the answer is simple. When streamers play a game known as jackbox, where other players draw and name art, trolls from the site may draw obscene artwork and name it racial slurs. Then, after the artwork is revealed, the surprised and shocked streamer is reported to clueless twitch staff for showing porn and racial slurs

Users of an online vigilante forum are now holding kuz responsible, claiming he has a moral obligation to stop this. Kuz has so far refused.
Proper URL:
On July 20th, 2022, 'jakkers raided the stream of a ftm (female to male) tranny named Ian Alexander (known on twitch as ianaiexander). The procedure went as normal at first, although the 'jakker-chads expressed disgust at the uncanny that is a non-passing tranny. They played for a while but eventually chudded up and the streamer trooned out and them all to touch grass, which led to mass reports and eventually her banning.[17] She is a Hollywood actress who appeared in nu-Star Trek and "the Last of Us Part II". [18] She then proceeded to throw a tantrum on her blue-checkmark Twitter account. News articles, seeing the blue checkmark, picked up on this as an opportunity to talk about how the "muh evil le nazi trolls" are for abusing twitch moderation. As such, some articles about the situation were made, with one even ending up on Yahoo News. [19] This marks the first time that the actions of soyjak.party have gotten on the news. As of July 22, 2022, she has regained her account.[20]

The most blatant samefag in history - Ex-Gurochan Mod vandalizes wiki article to own kuz
his vandalized version: https://archive.is/UDmhj
the original: https://encyclopediadramatica.online/index.php?title=Gurochan&oldid=1286248

such obvious shilling, when will this manbaby stop?

he leaked his own IP: cpc1-sotn15-2-0-cust79.15-1.cable.virginm.net

Did gigachad die?
Fake News, debunked: https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2021/04/28/ernest-khalimov-car-accident/
Also TIL he is a Turkic from Azerbaijan living in Russia

Chinese-American movie actor exposed as creator of AM/WF Cuckold Film distributed to 4chan
Woah.. what a title


The whole article details the organization and creation of the pornographic movie, including one of the primary orchestrators of the event on reddit, u/nippedinthebud, who posted on r/aznidentity and r/asianmasculinity - who happens to be the recently appraised actor, "Simu Liu". He also used this reddit account to defend "non-offending" pedophiles and call white people "soulless".

Liu since deleted his account: https://www.reddit.com/user/nippedinthebud and denied it on twitter
r/aznidentity and r/asianmasculinity have also been fun to lurk.

kuz is a seething chink incel
Its funny to me how the whole "#STOPASIANVIOLENCE" movement immediately subsided after people realized that all the violence was black on asian. It was an attempt to demonize whites but like most problems in society it was the fault of niggers ( ’~’)
>kuz is a seething chink incel
Retard ass bitch.

4chan is getting rid of its /qa/ board

Posting is disabled
Category: BREAKING
This is the great soyset. Operation clean stable
could it be retaliation for https://soyjak[.]party/raid/src/1635953527907.png
I know it's been a while but I'm still salty, it was one of my favorite boards and now it's gone (;´Д`)

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