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Wakarimasen Archive down (2) Moot leaves google (13) 4chan is getting rid of its /qa/ board (3) KNN launches (2) Man paints soyjack with own feces (12) Hispachan, ancient and large spanish imageboard, has closed down (3) Kuroba's (4chan Phone Browser) genius prank (2) Nyafuu Archive is shutting down (5) 4chan add emojis and stickers as April Fool Jokes (1) Kuz offers $1,000 reward for info on anti-kolyma criminal (11) 4chan bans /cumg/ (2) Soyjak.party taken down for CP, host wipes data (1) Kuznetsov's New Years Address delivered to KolymaNET (2) KolymaBBS set to disolve this year (3) Vulnerability in Multich allows users to embed malware (5) Chinese-American movie actor exposed as creator of AM/WF Cuckold Film distributed to 4chan (5) Ron Watkins for congress?! (4) 2nd oldest english imageboard destroyed by coordinated raid (27) Twitch source code leaked by hackers (8) 8kun's QAnon boards missing (3) US Government requests /pol/ logs from Hiro (3) SATANIA EVERYWHERE (5) Russia blocks Kiwifarms and Kohlchan (0) Lainchan offline for unknown reasons (4) The most blatant samefag in history - Ex-Gurochan Mod vandalizes wiki article to own kuz (1) Kolyma at war! Largest attack this year (0) Script solves 4chan captcha with 80% accuracy on DAY 2 (3) 4chan gets a new CAPTCHA (2) Multich Project leaders LIE to frame kuz (6) Owner of 8ch comes out as a furry (0) Extreme labor shortage may force KolymaNET to shut down (1) /qa/ celebrates hiroyukis 1M youtube subscribers (0) Soyjak imageboard (soyjak.party) hacked (2) Shii, 4chan, triforcing, others mentioned in scientific paper (0) "Bunkerchan" mentioned in popular news outlet (0) Hiro-Coin?! (0) 4chan's /mlp/ adds custom flags (0) mentally ill mod leaves smugloli (2) Did gigachad die? (3) American Subtitlers ruin another show (4) 4chan /pol/ thread exceeds 10,000 replies (1)

Extreme labor shortage may force KolymaNET to shut down

"The Kolyma Network is facing an extreme labor shortage, which has severely underminded basic day to day operations. If this continues, we may be forced to shut down or greatly scale back operations." says the page
Kolyma workers are striking. Don't cross that picket line, and don't believe Kuz's lies. Over $400,000 in stolen wages this calendar year.

bum work for bum pay, no work for no pay.

/qa/ celebrates hiroyukis 1M youtube subscribers

Soyjak imageboard (soyjak.party) hacked
zzzchan was hacked just 2 weeks earlier
his ssh login was probably root or something like that

Shii, 4chan, triforcing, others mentioned in scientific paper

"Bunkerchan" mentioned in popular news outlet

Uh oh...


4chan's /mlp/ adds custom flags

mentally ill mod leaves smugloli
these stupid webring schizos should be banned from being featured on KNN

Did gigachad die?
Fake News, debunked: https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2021/04/28/ernest-khalimov-car-accident/
Also TIL he is a Turkic from Azerbaijan living in Russia

American Subtitlers ruin another show

For those who dont want to read a 10 paragraph long twitter essay;

American Subtitlists are "exposed" as trannies, faggots, and other undesirables, in addition, they have been ruining subs by putting silly, childish, stupid translations in stead of more accurate ones.


translating "strange" as "sus"
using words such as "diss" "derp" and "scrub"

theres a place for comedy and a place for serious translations. american manchildren cant tell the difference it seems.
at this point the abridged version of shows might be more accurate
their account also got banned
All those trannies, the West truly is doomed

4chan /pol/ thread exceeds 10,000 replies
After the trial and verdict of Derek Chauvin, a thread on 4/pol/ was stickied which exceeded 10000 replies.


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