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"Bunkerchan&quo 0
KolymaBBS set to dis 3

>After discussing some changes with a close friend of mine, I have decided to officially end the KolymaNET dominance I have forced upon some websites of mine.

>Some changes I plan on are moving ayashii.net to become a board of heyuri, moving "KolymaBBS" boards to 9ch, and dismantling the large "Central Group" apparatus, an ugly stain in our history. Several employees have been purged for their part in crimes they commited under KolymaNETs rule, such as the unlawful gurochan cease and desist letter, the lolifox attempted-seizure, and the unjust removal of other members of KolymaNET.

Autonomization, self-determination, and decentralization: Our futures?
4chan's /mlp/ adds c 0
Multich Project lead 6
They deleted this everywhere.

They attacked kolyma, they tried to dox kuz, then they falsely claimed that the owner of the 0chan.vip node worked for kolyma and wasnt exploited, which was easily disprovable since no written contracts signed by kuz and the owner have been shown by either parties.

Multich is a federated bulletin board system ran by mentally ill criminals who try to harm innocent people.
Ron Watkins for cong 4
4chan add emojis and 1
Users may now collect stickers and post them
Script solves 4chan 3
Owner of 8ch comes o 0

>I'm coming out. I'm a furry.

>I've known since 2013. I first went to e621 then. I secretly spent a lot of time on 8ch/fur/. @themangolynx drew Nate, which made me feel "I may have a problem I identify more with "[email protected] N8" (FA ID №17308195) than my human body", but kept it secret.

Disabled freak!
Soyjak.party taken d 1
The soyjak-oriented telegram channel "daily jak" which reports on jakking news, famous jak duels, and new trends in soyjakking has just confirmed from their "inside sources" that the 'party was shut down for a 3rd time, resulting in their host wiping data and soot being forced in to a new host.

A temporary bunker was made available at https://9chan.tw/soyjak/ where the dailyjak editor in chief posted some threads. (WARNING: CP)

The booru and wiki are still online.

Administrator Kuznetsov commented on the issue, saying: "Its deeply concerning, I'll try to extend my hand for soot and if he wants my help, we are always trying to strengthen ties with out peers. Best of luck"

https://9chan.tw/soyjak/ (CP)
Wakarimasen Archive 2
>The database host got one complaint and gave me the boot, so the main server has to be moved.
Says the page

The return date is erroneously reported as August 21st 2021 despite that date having passed and it not being possible for it to return on that day.

The page then ends with requests for donations, which is impossible, since anyone who had the good will to donate got their computer destroyed by the 10 billion malware ads which make the site unusable.

Kuz in hot water aft 3
Trolls from kuzs recently acquired site "soyjak.party" have made it to the NEWS after their twitch raids go viram online

Less than a day after being taken down, a twitch streamer appeared on yahoo news to discuss her banning at the hands of trolls.

So how did some imageboard users get this streamer banned? Well the answer is simple. When streamers play a game known as jackbox, where other players draw and name art, trolls from the site may draw obscene artwork and name it racial slurs. Then, after the artwork is revealed, the surprised and shocked streamer is reported to clueless twitch staff for showing porn and racial slurs

Users of an online vigilante forum are now holding kuz responsible, claiming he has a moral obligation to stop this. Kuz has so far refused.
The most blatant sam 1
his vandalized version: https://archive.is/UDmhj
the original: https://encyclopediadramatica.online/index.php?title=Gurochan&oldid=1286248

such obvious shilling, when will this manbaby stop?

Did gigachad die? 3
Chinese-American mov 5
Woah.. what a title


The whole article details the organization and creation of the pornographic movie, including one of the primary orchestrators of the event on reddit, u/nippedinthebud, who posted on r/aznidentity and r/asianmasculinity - who happens to be the recently appraised actor, "Simu Liu". He also used this reddit account to defend "non-offending" pedophiles and call white people "soulless".

Liu since deleted his account: https://www.reddit.com/user/nippedinthebud and denied it on twitter
4chan is getting rid 3

Posting is disabled
Shii, 4chan, 0
Vulnerability in Mul 5
Go here: http://ripirc.org/threads

A vulnerability was found in the "multich software" (which is also known for storing IPs unhashed) which allows users to embed html into the softwares frontend. This blatant security violation is a testament to the stupidity of this pedo criminal.


White-Hat hacker made it redirect: https://archive.ph/HGJlw
2nd oldest english i 27

"Thanks a bunch, assholes."
Kuz offers $1,000 re 11
In a brand new Kolyma-endorsed ad that's been running on jun and 9channels /b/ board, a $1000 reward has been offered for the home address of robert brown (do not capitalize his name), this ad links to Robert's NSS profile.

According to another anonymous source, the campaign for his arrest was invigorated after Robert banned 4 Kolyma Users from the Anonymous IRC room, "#jp", part of the irc.sageru.org network. In addition, anti-Kolyma "hostility" promoted on kissu.moe and 4-ch.net has lead for calls to raids on 9ch.

Even though raids are against the ToS of Kolyma, who would dare stop the revolutionary fervor of the people!
4chan /pol/ thread e 1
After the trial and verdict of Derek Chauvin, a thread on 4/pol/ was stickied which exceeded 10000 replies.

Moot leaves google 11
Does this potentially mean a return to 4chan?

KNN launches 1
Hello, knn!
Man paints soyjack w 11
Hispachan, ancient a 3
Kuroba's (4chan Phon 2
Kuroba, a mobile app which allows you to browse 4chan easily, played a prank on its users by signing all posts made from within the app with "Sent from my [phone model]"

In action: https://2ch.sh/src/2282.png
Nyafuu Archive is s 2

>Its not the most pleasant announcement for us to make but better this than to suddenly disappear.

>As of February 14th 2022, archive.nyafuu.org archiving has stopped. The archive will remain in stasis for the remainder of the month with tentative gradual redirections to another archive that has already received image data and databases to effectively continue nyafuu.org's archival. After which a DNS redirect will be made for all requests of the archive to https://archive.alice.al/

>If you need a reason, its a simple case that the time and resources spent in maintaining this archive has outweighed interest and motivation to continue maintaining. Its neither a cheap or gratifying task by any stretch. It was fun for the decade it lasted, but we would rather move on than to let my waning motivation result in yet another loss of data from negligence.

>We're putting this up here just to make anyone aware who has any manner of interest and in lieu of individually seeking out the myriad of continually changing people maintaining services related to the 4chan archives. That is all.
4chan bans /cumg/ 2
"/cumg/ - Cooming Utilities" was a /g/ general dedicated to software (and hardware) related to masturbation and sex. Recently, they developed a software known as "The Third Eye", which allowed users to embed hidden images in their posts through filenames. The specifics can be found at the website: https://git.coom.tech/cu%6e%6eysoft/third-eye

This is, however, against the 4chan rules. Resulting in the general being banned, and subsequent attempts at recreating it being deleted. A moderator elaborated:

Kuznetsov's New Year 2
Twitch source code l 8
> Entirety of twitch.tv, with commit history going back to its early beginnings
> Mobile, desktop and video game console Twitch clients
> Various proprietary SDKs and internal AWS services used by Twitch
> Every other property that Twitch owns including IGDB and CurseForge
> An unreleased Steam competitor from Amazon Game Studios
> Twitch SOC internal red teaming tools (lol)

AND: Creator payout reports from 2019 until now. Find out how much your favorite streamer is really making!

Torrent (128GB): magnet:?xt=urn:btih:N5BLZ6XECNEHHARHJOVQAS4W7TWRXCSI&dn=twitch-leaks-part-one&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.stealth.si%3A80%2Fannounce
Repository listing: https://dpaste.org/MvoM

8kun's QAnon boards 3

It appears they are back online for the time being. This may have something to do with the departure of a prominent moderator: https://archive.md/ZybIq
US Government reques 3
Russia blocks Kiwifa 0
Amongst others...
Lainchan offline for 4
Kolyma at war! Large 0
KolymaNETs BBS services were taken offline for 2 hours by a sustained raid allegedly originating from soyjak.party

According to the SpamDB, almost 200 IP addresses were used in the attack.

It was apparently called off after kuz issued a formal apology to the website

4chan gets a new CAP 2
It's hard to solve at first, but good maybe it's good that we don't need to send data to Google now.

Extreme labor shorta 1

"The Kolyma Network is facing an extreme labor shortage, which has severely underminded basic day to day operations. If this continues, we may be forced to shut down or greatly scale back operations." says the page
/qa/ celebrates hiro 0
Soyjak imageboard (s 2
Hiro-Coin?! 0
Uh oh...

mentally ill mod lea 2
American Subtitlers 4

For those who dont want to read a 10 paragraph long twitter essay;

American Subtitlists are "exposed" as trannies, faggots, and other undesirables, in addition, they have been ruining subs by putting silly, childish, stupid translations in stead of more accurate ones.


translating "strange" as "sus"
using words such as "diss" "derp" and "scrub"

theres a place for comedy and a place for serious translations. american manchildren cant tell the difference it seems.

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