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Chinese-American movie actor exposed as creator of AM/WF Cuckold Film distributed to 4chan

Woah.. what a title


The whole article details the organization and creation of the pornographic movie, including one of the primary orchestrators of the event on reddit, u/nippedinthebud, who posted on r/aznidentity and r/asianmasculinity - who happens to be the recently appraised actor, "Simu Liu". He also used this reddit account to defend "non-offending" pedophiles and call white people "soulless".

Liu since deleted his account: https://www.reddit.com/user/nippedinthebud and denied it on twitter
r/aznidentity and r/asianmasculinity have also been fun to lurk.

kuz is a seething chink incel
Its funny to me how the whole "#STOPASIANVIOLENCE" movement immediately subsided after people realized that all the violence was black on asian. It was an attempt to demonize whites but like most problems in society it was the fault of niggers ( ’~’)
>kuz is a seething chink incel
Retard ass bitch.

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