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Comrade General Secretary Kuznetsov has saved KolymaNET from certain peril

A new report from our beloved teacher and leader, Comrade Kuznetsov, states that KolymaNET has been under a severe DDOS attack, but though the valiant work of the workers and engineers of our network, the crisis is being actively averted, with thousands of IPs blocked. Comrade Senior Technical Engineer Ceje Trois personally applauded Comrade Kuznetsov's leadership, saying that without his wise decision making, our beloved network may have fallen into disrepair.

After 2 weeks of vacation, Comrade Kuznetsov chose to return home and involve himself in the war effort.

We thank Comrade Kuznetsov, and Comrade Director Kutay Demir, and all the beloved workers and engineers.

This message was approved by the Worker's and Engineers Committee.

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