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Soyjak.party taken down for CP, host wipes data

The soyjak-oriented telegram channel "daily jak" which reports on jakking news, famous jak duels, and new trends in soyjakking has just confirmed from their "inside sources" that the 'party was shut down for a 3rd time, resulting in their host wiping data and soot being forced in to a new host.

A temporary bunker was made available at https://9chan.tw/soyjak/ where the dailyjak editor in chief posted some threads. (WARNING: CP)

The booru and wiki are still online.

Administrator Kuznetsov commented on the issue, saying: "Its deeply concerning, I'll try to extend my hand for soot and if he wants my help, we are always trying to strengthen ties with out peers. Best of luck"

https://9chan.tw/soyjak/ (CP)
> (CP)

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