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4chan bans /cumg/

"/cumg/ - Cooming Utilities" was a /g/ general dedicated to software (and hardware) related to masturbation and sex. Recently, they developed a software known as "The Third Eye", which allowed users to embed hidden images in their posts through filenames. The specifics can be found at the website: https://git.coom.tech/cu%6e%6eysoft/third-eye

This is, however, against the 4chan rules. Resulting in the general being banned, and subsequent attempts at recreating it being deleted. A moderator elaborated:

Very interesting news, I wonder what is the future of 4chan with such utilities like these. Thank you Anonymous Reporter!
Does this mean /cumg/ is no longer allowed? If so, it would be a great shame. I have so many extension I use that came from that general.

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