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Nyafuu Archive is shutting down


>Its not the most pleasant announcement for us to make but better this than to suddenly disappear.

>As of February 14th 2022, archive.nyafuu.org archiving has stopped. The archive will remain in stasis for the remainder of the month with tentative gradual redirections to another archive that has already received image data and databases to effectively continue nyafuu.org's archival. After which a DNS redirect will be made for all requests of the archive to https://archive.alice.al/

>If you need a reason, its a simple case that the time and resources spent in maintaining this archive has outweighed interest and motivation to continue maintaining. Its neither a cheap or gratifying task by any stretch. It was fun for the decade it lasted, but we would rather move on than to let my waning motivation result in yet another loss of data from negligence.

>We're putting this up here just to make anyone aware who has any manner of interest and in lieu of individually seeking out the myriad of continually changing people maintaining services related to the 4chan archives. That is all.

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