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Kuz in hot water after raiders from the 'party make it on national news

Trolls from kuzs recently acquired site "soyjak.party" have made it to the NEWS after their twitch raids go viram online

Less than a day after being taken down, a twitch streamer appeared on yahoo news to discuss her banning at the hands of trolls.

So how did some imageboard users get this streamer banned? Well the answer is simple. When streamers play a game known as jackbox, where other players draw and name art, trolls from the site may draw obscene artwork and name it racial slurs. Then, after the artwork is revealed, the surprised and shocked streamer is reported to clueless twitch staff for showing porn and racial slurs

Users of an online vigilante forum are now holding kuz responsible, claiming he has a moral obligation to stop this. Kuz has so far refused.
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On July 20th, 2022, 'jakkers raided the stream of a ftm (female to male) tranny named Ian Alexander (known on twitch as ianaiexander). The procedure went as normal at first, although the 'jakker-chads expressed disgust at the uncanny that is a non-passing tranny. They played for a while but eventually chudded up and the streamer trooned out and them all to touch grass, which led to mass reports and eventually her banning.[17] She is a Hollywood actress who appeared in nu-Star Trek and "the Last of Us Part II". [18] She then proceeded to throw a tantrum on her blue-checkmark Twitter account. News articles, seeing the blue checkmark, picked up on this as an opportunity to talk about how the "muh evil le nazi trolls" are for abusing twitch moderation. As such, some articles about the situation were made, with one even ending up on Yahoo News. [19] This marks the first time that the actions of soyjak.party have gotten on the news. As of July 22, 2022, she has regained her account.[20]

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