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Multich Project leaders LIE to frame kuz

They deleted this everywhere.

They attacked kolyma, they tried to dox kuz, then they falsely claimed that the owner of the 0chan.vip node worked for kolyma and wasnt exploited, which was easily disprovable since no written contracts signed by kuz and the owner have been shown by either parties.

Multich is a federated bulletin board system ran by mentally ill criminals who try to harm innocent people.
t*kiko is a known liar, hes creepy too. probably a pedo.

btw, he is antifa, literally. i wouldnt be surprised if he was a thief too.

but then again, that pic on 2ch.cx is hilarious, im not even surprised the anti-kolyma tranny brigaders look like this
original vs censored

(links broke for spamfilter)
https://2ch.cx/src/1311.png - its over
good drama

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