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KolymaBBS set to disolve this year


>After discussing some changes with a close friend of mine, I have decided to officially end the KolymaNET dominance I have forced upon some websites of mine.

>Some changes I plan on are moving ayashii.net to become a board of heyuri, moving "KolymaBBS" boards to 9ch, and dismantling the large "Central Group" apparatus, an ugly stain in our history. Several employees have been purged for their part in crimes they commited under KolymaNETs rule, such as the unlawful gurochan cease and desist letter, the lolifox attempted-seizure, and the unjust removal of other members of KolymaNET.

Autonomization, self-determination, and decentralization: Our futures?
A shame to see it go. I wonder what will happen to the news
The end of an era...
why is it a shame? it had like 2 users

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