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Vulnerability in Multich allows users to embed malware

Go here: http://ripirc.org/threads

A vulnerability was found in the "multich software" (which is also known for storing IPs unhashed) which allows users to embed html into the softwares frontend. This blatant security violation is a testament to the stupidity of this pedo criminal.


White-Hat hacker made it redirect: https://archive.ph/HGJlw
good thing kuz (or kolyma?) caught this before someone who would seriously exploit it
mf didnt reply to my offer to help him fix his shitty software if he rewrites it in php
you know, if you do know PHP, you could work for kolyma for a nice benefit. just helping with koko here and there
I'm not really that good at it. I'm still learning. Its just a lot of really simple things that he screws up that would make the website ten times better.
any help is help ^_^

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