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BREAKING: Twitter was sold to Elon Musk (2) Kuz announces he has purchased the 'party (44) Cloudflare pulls kiwifarms (7) Here’s what China did in the last 2 weeks (3) Protonmail compromised (2) Crypto in the USA dead after Biden regime passes new bill with massive widespread regulation (3) Right wing web registrar "epik" suffers major vigilante hack (19) node-ipc has been updated with malware that targets Russians and Belorussians (4) "GETTR" - Yet another conservative alternate social media platform (2) China remains strong to its commitment of friendship with Russia (3) Cock.li now invite-only (0) MongoDB is terminating Russian accounts (1) $600,000,000 stole from PolyNetwork (1) Australia passes draconian new surveillance law (1) Kuz announces purchase of Vidlii.com (8) "Truth Social", Trumps social media app will launch in February (6) Trump Company will launch its own social network, named "TRUTH Social", to rival big tech (8) Donald Trump’s Website Hacked And Defaced By Turkish Hacker (3) New Biden Infrastructure Bill will attempt to ban end to end encryption (2) FINALY BACK (1) 4chan suffers new, major internal leak (9) Reddit Quarantines r/Russia (1) Anti-VaxMandate Rioters in New York Destroy A Pop-Up Testing Center (3) After Certificate Authorities expectedly target Russia, Roskomnadzor had a solution (0) Russian Government now will accept Bitcoin as payment (1) Brandon Nozaki Miller's (node-ipc malware guy) twitter hacked by anon (1) Shinzo Abe assassinated (1) Freenode is mostly dead by now (0) Kiwifarms under attack! (2) hard drive shortage expected soon (6) Rumble (Youtube Alternative) will pay creators who ‘challenge the status quo’ (0) Boris Johnson resigns as UK prime Minister (0) Q Returns after 2 year silence (1) "kncdn" announced (2) EU passes new mass surveillance laws, bypasses E2E (1) BREAKING: Russia will NOT export grains to unfriendly countries! (2) Ruble stabilises to pre-war normalcy (0) Durov forgot to check his email, now telegram is banned in Brazil (1) Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp) declared terrorist organization by Russia (0) Namecheap begs Russian users to come back after huge losses (0) EU proposes to ban Kaspersky anti-virus due to Russian ownership (0) Wikipedia, Spotify, Discord all suffering major downtime (2) Kolyma 17 Year anniversary Address released (0) Facebook and Instagram temporarily allows posts calling for violence against Russians (0) Russia decriminalizes software piracy (1) Sanctions hit Kolyma hard, main website closed down with message (0) NVIDIA confirms DATA STOLEN in recent cyberattack (0) Russian hacker group Killnet took down Anonymous' website (1) Namecheap forces Russian users off platform (0) Switzerland ends official neutrality (4) Rumble AND odysee both offer Joe Rogan to switch to their platforms on same day (1) Tiktok overtakes google as largest website in the world (6) Facebook is changing its official name to "Meta" (4) $150,000,000 Stole in Crypto hack on "BitMart" exchange (0) Facebook plans to rename itself to reflect dystopian new technology: "Metaverse" (0) Verizon Is Blocking Various Websites on their mobile networks (2) Government secretly orders Google to hand over search history for users who commit wrongthink (1) Facebook catastrophe: Massive DNS failure, electronic fire, and user data hack. 1.5B compromised (3) Australian bandicoot brought back from brink of extinction (2) Yandex DDOS attack takes out KolymaNET's search function (1) Twitter account with pepe profile negotiates release of spanish prisoners (2) Onlyfans bans NSFW content (1) Facebook encrypts Messenger phone calls (supposedly) (0) Snopes founder plagiarized and published dozens of articles under a fake name (0) Kiryu Coco (Vtuber) cancelled for calling taiwan a country. (0) Bitcucks kneel to superior CHINESE crypto (0) cnpp going to explode and kill everyone in 3 days (0) Liveleak down for good (1) Almost 2 weeks later, "dark.fail" still hijacked. (3) Future Competitor to neocities? (4) Worlds first dogecoin millionaire (1) PHP BACKDOORED (2) Parler returning to Apple Store next week (1) Facebook wants to "normalize" data leaks - internal memo (1) KNN Launches (8) "kolymaSTAT" v1.0 released (0) ad on 4/jp/ explodes after mention of ayashii (3) q revealed? (2)

BREAKING: Twitter was sold to Elon Musk
BREAKING - Twitter has been sold to Elon Musk and will go private after agreeing to a deal worth $44 billion.

Source: https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1518664419873591299
Not sold, just announced to be sold. As of this post Elon wants out of the deal and Twitter is suing him to sell for the asking price.
Only darkness now

Kuz announces he has purchased the 'party
Soyjak.party, the worlds 4th largest english language imageboard, has been purchase by Administrator Kuznetsov.

"I am bringing the sharty under new Administration" he wrote on his telegram channel.

"Despite some of our previous conflicts, I greatly admire Soot and what he has done for the site, his relaxed style of ownership and honesty, and I will continue like he did to maintain the site to its fullest extent. I hope to even keep him on the team if he's willing. I will be better enforcing the rule on no shilling, which includes cracking down on unsavory imageboard advertisements and related things. I also plan to undo all previous bans on the site to give all users a fresh slate, and I will impliment hash filtering to counter the CP problem."

>This is the kuz comeback!


The SP Wiki has mysteriously went offline and soot has not spoke about the occurence yet.

The dailyjak, a 1,000 subscriber telegram channel that posts new soyjak OC and news on the sharty also reported on this news.
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I knew this was gonna happen eventually but it's still so jarring to see
kuz is the disney of websites( ’~’)
Free Yuri Kuznetsov
yep, its keyed

Cloudflare pulls kiwifarms
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Null uses (and runs) 1776hosting, so I don't think so.
Yep. Though there's always Epik's BitMitigate, and the Russian DDOS-Guard.
kuz would be on the headline news if he bought the farms, will he arise to the challenge?
that would be a huge boost in kolyma's popularity, hopefully null considers it

Here’s what China did in the last 2 weeks
1) Major crackdown on social media companies, as the CCP believes social media is corrosive and stops people from meeting one another in real life. Overnight, they annihilated 6 of the 7 top internet companies.

2) Education reforms - ban on private tutoring, children now to start education at age 6, giving them more time at home with their parents, ban on foreign teachers who aren't residents of China, ban on companies that teach the curriculum outside of school hours.

3) Video games - The party has announced that video games are a "spiritual opium" and have started rounding up people who are addicted to video games to send them to treatment centers. Additionally, video games on app stores for children are now banned. Children also limited to 3 hours per week of video game play.

4) End of 996 culture - legal limit to 40 hour work week, with maximum 10 hour shifts. Family life is to be given new centre by companies.

5) The creation of a "masculine and feminine" school curriculum, with girls being educated to be good mothers and boys being taught to be masculine and strong. CCP demands a "revolutionary and warlike spirit" from young men.

6) Cash-for-children, housing, social welfare, education and careers will be linked to the number of children that you have. The more children you have, the cheaper things will be for you and the easier you will find it to get promotions at work.

7) Weekends - Chinese companies will now be required to give 1 day of paid leave per week to ensure parents spend time with their families.

8) Festivals - the CCP will require unmarried men and women to attend festivals were they will be told to seek partners for marriage. These festivals will be held as part of the working environment and so will be paid for by companies in China.

9) Paid leave - Chinese couples who have a child will now receive 12 months of paid leave.
Joe Biden are getting BTFO'd by Communists
maybe they aren't so bad after all ( ’~’)
There is a core problem here. The Chinese. If it were humans implementing this instead, I would praise them greatly. However, it is the most barbaric race which may be called 'civilised' and ought to be destroyed. Great work otherwise.

Protonmail compromised

HA! All those people who called me a schizo be damned. I WAS right! Kiss my ass, dumbasses!
Cock dot il > Protonmail

Crypto in the USA dead after Biden regime passes new bill with massive widespread regulation
The Biden regime has just announced it is signing the new "infrastructure bill" into law, with bipartisan support.

Contained within the bill are several new regulations regarding cryptocurrency, notably;

1. A new requirement for mining pools, exchanges, and other "brokers" (anyone who exchanges cryptocurrency between 2 people) to report on their identity and the identity of the people involved. This will effectively kill anonymous use of cryptocurrencies (legally).

2. A new section of the bill targeted at criminalizing private end-to-end encryption. The bill specifically sites "unlawful use of technology to facilitate crime" and will introduce laws to criminalize the use of it.

Authoritarianism fans regard this as a big win for penalizing privacy, and mass-censorship, and are hopeful for the future of complete government control, while others are disappointing in the biden regimes criminalization of innocent civillians.

They say that prohibiting cryptocurrency will immediately put an end to the internet drug trade, as its a well known fact that criminalizing things makes people stop doing them, thats why prohibition worked so well in the 1920s.
That is crazy!!! O_O
>They say that prohibiting cryptocurrency will immediately put an end to the internet drug trade, as its a well known fact that criminalizing things makes people stop doing them, thats why prohibition worked so well in the 1920s.

soy argument. there was a massive culture around alcohol back then with people drinking 2-3 times the amount they do now so its obvious that it would go bad. im not sure how many americans use crypto but it is much less. this is a bad idea anyway but the "muh prohibition" argument is stupid most of the time it is used (・∀・)

Right wing web registrar "epik" suffers major vigilante hack
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I get this email yesterday so its confirmed
At Epik, we take security and the privacy of your information very seriously. Therefore as a precautionary measure, I am writing to inform you of an alleged security incident involving Epik.

Our internal team, working with external experts, have been working diligently to address the situation. We are taking proactive steps to resolve the issue. We will update you on our progress. In the meantime please let us know if you detect any unusual account activity. I am proud of our team’s efforts as we do our part to empower a thriving internet for the benefit of our customers around the world.

You are in our prayers today. We are grateful for your support and prayer. When situations arise where individuals might not have honorable intentions, I pray for them. I believe that what the enemy intends for evil, God invariably transforms into good.

Blessings to you all.


Rob Monster
Founder and CEO
Epik Holdings Inc mt
Mental Outlaw made a video about it.
>https://archive.is/WZvQV HOLY CRINGE
Looks like an FBI agent trying to look cool. (´ー`)
Antifa are bunch of idiots who doesn't know what Anarchism is
all FBI agents are retarded
the NSA has released another press release: https://4chan.partyvan.epikfail.is:55899/

They try so hard to use old 4chan lingo

node-ipc has been updated with malware that targets Russians and Belorussians
I guess kuz was right about open source communities being a load of BS
what horseshit
Inb4 developer is a troon
developer isnt a troon but some chud from /g/ hacked into his Twitter (his password was exposed from an old database breach) and found out that he tried to fuck some obnoxious obese troon (that rejected him btw lmao)
worst part is that he even has a cute asian wife (female), what a pathetic worm.

"GETTR" - Yet another conservative alternate social media platform
Let me guess... honeypot?
No one will actually use this. The average person at this time does not care about free speech. There has to be at least SOMETHING different about it to get a single person to use this OVER twitter instead of because they CANT use twitter.

China remains strong to its commitment of friendship with Russia
China has warned the US that any sanctions against china for not participating in sanctions against Russia will be met with "severe repercussions".

Russias other allies include South africa, China, north korea, venezuelea and Pakistan

Pakistans prime minister went as far as to say "What do you think of us? Are we your slaves? Are we supposed to do whatever you want us to?" When reffering to US pressure for not condemning Russia

The US imperialist governments rabid and crude approach of harassing other countries into condemnding Russia has been met with some resistance, some neutral countries such as brazil, india, and mexico all refused to sanction or condemn Russia, and have even been attacked by pro-western forces for their refusal. However, these neutral states have proclaimed each in their own way that they will not be pressured into breaking off their alliance with Russia.

>The whole world is not united against Russia, thats ludicrous. The biggest states by population in the world, china, india, mexico, etc are all standing by Russia. Only the west and its profit-crazed, puppets on strings still subscribe to this idea.
China and Russia are truly greatest allies!

I don't speak much Russian, so here's a reply in Chinese:




提一下,你们的媒体 RT新闻 在中国很受欢迎!


Cock.li now invite-only

MongoDB is terminating Russian accounts
Someone should find the person who made this decision and torture their entire family by skinning them alive then hanging their mutliated corpses at the nearest american embassy.

$600,000,000 stole from PolyNetwork
But they only offer $500k as a prize? No way!
Archived Link: https://archive.is/52It8

Australia passes draconian new surveillance law

Unprecedented surveillance bill rushed through parliament in 24 hours. Police can now hack your device, collect or delete your data, take over your social media accounts - all without a judge's warrant.
Just like America!

Kuz announces purchase of Vidlii.com
JUST IN: Minutes ago kuz announced through KolymaNET IRC that he had successfully completed a deal to purchase "Vidlii", a video sharing website based around old youtube and freedom of speech, for an undisclosed amount of money.

The transfer of ownership will take place "some time this month" and kuz will be handling the server transfer of Vidlii shortly.

Kuz was notably NOT listed as the new "Owner", merely as a signee on the deal to purchase vidlii and his involvement in its administration being heavily implied. Who the official owner is is unknown
3 posts omitted. Enter the thread to view...
kuz wins again
ITS OUT https://www.vidlii.com/vidlii_future
ヽ(´∇`)ノヽ(´∇`)ノomg LOL winヽ(´∇`)ノ
kuuuuz post the 50M special

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