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"kncdn" announced (2) EU passes new mass surveillance laws, bypasses E2E (1) BREAKING: Twitter was sold to Elon Musk (0) BREAKING: Russia will NOT export grains to unfriendly countries! (2) China remains strong to its commitment of friendship with Russia (3) Russian Government now will accept Bitcoin as payment (1) Ruble stabilises to pre-war normalcy (0) Durov forgot to check his email, now telegram is banned in Brazil (1) node-ipc has been updated with malware that targets Russians and Belorussians (4) Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp) declared terrorist organization by Russia (0) Brandon Nozaki Miller's (node-ipc malware guy) twitter hacked by anon (0) Namecheap begs Russian users to come back after huge losses (0) EU proposes to ban Kaspersky anti-virus due to Russian ownership (0) Wikipedia, Spotify, Discord all suffering major downtime (2) Kolyma 17 Year anniversary Address released (0) MongoDB is terminating Russian accounts (1) After Certificate Authorities expectedly target Russia, Roskomnadzor had a solution (0) Facebook and Instagram temporarily allows posts calling for violence against Russians (0) Russia decriminalizes software piracy (1) Sanctions hit Kolyma hard, main website closed down with message (0) NVIDIA confirms DATA STOLEN in recent cyberattack (0) Russian hacker group Killnet took down Anonymous' website (1) Reddit Quarantines r/Russia (1) Namecheap forces Russian users off platform (0) Switzerland ends official neutrality (4) Rumble AND odysee both offer Joe Rogan to switch to their platforms on same day (1) Kuz announces purchase of Vidlii.com (8) Anti-VaxMandate Rioters in New York Destroy A Pop-Up Testing Center (3) "Truth Social", Trumps social media app will launch in February (6) Trump Company will launch its own social network, named "TRUTH Social", to rival big tech (8) Tiktok overtakes google as largest website in the world (6) Facebook is changing its official name to "Meta" (4) $150,000,000 Stole in Crypto hack on "BitMart" exchange (0) Crypto in the USA dead after Biden regime passes new bill with massive widespread regulation (3) Facebook plans to rename itself to reflect dystopian new technology: "Metaverse" (0) Donald Trump’s Website Hacked And Defaced By Turkish Hacker (3) Verizon Is Blocking Various Websites on their mobile networks (2) Government secretly orders Google to hand over search history for users who commit wrongthink (1) Right wing web registrar "epik" suffers major vigilante hack (19) Facebook catastrophe: Massive DNS failure, electronic fire, and user data hack. 1.5B compromised (3) Here’s what China did in the last 2 weeks (3) Australian bandicoot brought back from brink of extinction (2) Australia passes draconian new surveillance law (1) Protonmail compromised (2) New Biden Infrastructure Bill will attempt to ban end to end encryption (2) Kiwifarms under attack! (2) Yandex DDOS attack takes out KolymaNET's search function (1) Twitter account with pepe profile negotiates release of spanish prisoners (2) Onlyfans bans NSFW content (1) Rumble (Youtube Alternative) will pay creators who ‘challenge the status quo’ (0) Facebook encrypts Messenger phone calls (supposedly) (0) Snopes founder plagiarized and published dozens of articles under a fake name (0) $600,000,000 stole from PolyNetwork (1) "GETTR" - Yet another conservative alternate social media platform (2) Freenode is mostly dead by now (0) Kiryu Coco (Vtuber) cancelled for calling taiwan a country. (0) Bitcucks kneel to superior CHINESE crypto (0) Cock.li now invite-only (0) cnpp going to explode and kill everyone in 3 days (0) Liveleak down for good (1) Almost 2 weeks later, "dark.fail" still hijacked. (3) Future Competitor to neocities? (4) Worlds first dogecoin millionaire (1) PHP BACKDOORED (2) Parler returning to Apple Store next week (1) Facebook wants to "normalize" data leaks - internal memo (1) KNN Launches (8) hard drive shortage expected soon (6) "kolymaSTAT" v1.0 released (0) ad on 4/jp/ explodes after mention of ayashii (3) q revealed? (2) FINALY BACK (1)

Kiwifarms under attack!

"Someone is currently paying money to DoS attack the forum."

The drama has to do with kiwifarms users alledgedly causing another individual ("byuu") to commit suicide, as revenge, the site was ddosed.

The pigs argue amongst eachother!
Good, I've never liked them Kiwifags.
Kiwifags BTFO

Yandex DDOS attack takes out KolymaNET's search function
its from the disgusting, subhuman latvian pigs in the butthurt belt. lol. more IPs used in the attack then there are latvian pigs

Twitter account with pepe profile negotiates release of spanish prisoners
Weird timeline we're living in. Also, archive your fucking links.
It's unbelievable how many link rot we have today for some not-so-old articles.

Onlyfans bans NSFW content
I heard that it is due to pressure from investors, Mastercard, and Visa

Rumble (Youtube Alternative) will pay creators who ‘challenge the status quo’

We needed a youtube rival for a long time, even if rumble is shit!

Facebook encrypts Messenger phone calls (supposedly)

Snopes founder plagiarized and published dozens of articles under a fake name

$600,000,000 stole from PolyNetwork
But they only offer $500k as a prize? No way!
Archived Link: https://archive.is/52It8

"GETTR" - Yet another conservative alternate social media platform
Let me guess... honeypot?
No one will actually use this. The average person at this time does not care about free speech. There has to be at least SOMETHING different about it to get a single person to use this OVER twitter instead of because they CANT use twitter.

Freenode is mostly dead by now
As the last structures of this rotten system fall apart, users are starting to move to other options. Such as "libera.chat", and some to Rizon. These both represent 2 sides of an extreme, however, and a large niche for a special type of channel is left open for another successor.


Kiryu Coco (Vtuber) cancelled for calling taiwan a country.


Bitcucks kneel to superior CHINESE crypto

Cock.li now invite-only

cnpp going to explode and kill everyone in 3 days

Liveleak down for good

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