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99: Yandex DDOS attack takes out KolymaNET's search function (1)83: Right wing web registrar "epik" suffers major vigilante hack (16)
82: Here’s what China did in the last 2 weeks (0)80: Protonmail compromised (1)
79: Australia passes draconian new surveillance law (0)76: Twitter account with pepe profile negotiates release of spanish prisoners (2)
74: Onlyfans bans NSFW content (1)73: Rumble (Youtube Alternative) will pay creators who ‘challenge the status quo’ (0)
72: Facebook encrypts Messenger phone calls (supposedly) (0)70: New Biden Infrastructure Bill will attempt to ban end to end encryption (1)
69: Snopes founder plagiarized and published dozens of articles under a fake name (0)67: $600,000,000 stole from PolyNetwork (1)
62: "GETTR" - Yet another conservative alternate social media platform (2)61: Kiwifarms under attack! (1)
60: Freenode is mostly dead by now (0)59: Kiryu Coco (Vtuber) cancelled for calling taiwan a country. (0)
57: Bitcucks kneel to superior CHINESE crypto (0)56: Cock.li now invite-only (0)
55: cnpp going to explode and kill everyone in 3 days (0)52: Liveleak down for good (1)

Right wing web registrar "epik" suffers major vigilante hack
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"Anonymous" as a group used to be about being rebellious, and saying fuck you to authority.

Now they side with the US government, every big corporation, every celebrity, all the big tech companies, and are willing to compromise the data of thousands of innocent people, yes, innocent, because not everyone who used epic was a nazi, just so they can smush anyone who DARES challenge the status quo.

What a pathetic fall from grace.
Was Anonymous ever a specific group? I thought it was just a name that hackers used regardless of what they are doing
Yes, they even have an official headquarters: https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/fbi-headquarters
I get this email yesterday so its confirmed
At Epik, we take security and the privacy of your information very seriously. Therefore as a precautionary measure, I am writing to inform you of an alleged security incident involving Epik.

Our internal team, working with external experts, have been working diligently to address the situation. We are taking proactive steps to resolve the issue. We will update you on our progress. In the meantime please let us know if you detect any unusual account activity. I am proud of our team’s efforts as we do our part to empower a thriving internet for the benefit of our customers around the world.

You are in our prayers today. We are grateful for your support and prayer. When situations arise where individuals might not have honorable intentions, I pray for them. I believe that what the enemy intends for evil, God invariably transforms into good.

Blessings to you all.


Rob Monster
Founder and CEO
Epik Holdings Inc mt
Mental Outlaw made a video about it.
>https://archive.is/WZvQV HOLY CRINGE
Looks like an FBI agent trying to look cool. (´ー`)

Yandex DDOS attack takes out KolymaNET's search function
its from the disgusting, subhuman latvian pigs in the butthurt belt. lol. more IPs used in the attack then there are latvian pigs

Here’s what China did in the last 2 weeks
1) Major crackdown on social media companies, as the CCP believes social media is corrosive and stops people from meeting one another in real life. Overnight, they annihilated 6 of the 7 top internet companies.

2) Education reforms - ban on private tutoring, children now to start education at age 6, giving them more time at home with their parents, ban on foreign teachers who aren't residents of China, ban on companies that teach the curriculum outside of school hours.

3) Video games - The party has announced that video games are a "spiritual opium" and have started rounding up people who are addicted to video games to send them to treatment centers. Additionally, video games on app stores for children are now banned. Children also limited to 3 hours per week of video game play.

4) End of 996 culture - legal limit to 40 hour work week, with maximum 10 hour shifts. Family life is to be given new centre by companies.

5) The creation of a "masculine and feminine" school curriculum, with girls being educated to be good mothers and boys being taught to be masculine and strong. CCP demands a "revolutionary and warlike spirit" from young men.

6) Cash-for-children, housing, social welfare, education and careers will be linked to the number of children that you have. The more children you have, the cheaper things will be for you and the easier you will find it to get promotions at work.

7) Weekends - Chinese companies will now be required to give 1 day of paid leave per week to ensure parents spend time with their families.

8) Festivals - the CCP will require unmarried men and women to attend festivals were they will be told to seek partners for marriage. These festivals will be held as part of the working environment and so will be paid for by companies in China.

9) Paid leave - Chinese couples who have a child will now receive 12 months of paid leave.

Protonmail compromised

HA! All those people who called me a schizo be damned. I WAS right! Kiss my ass, dumbasses!

Australia passes draconian new surveillance law

Unprecedented surveillance bill rushed through parliament in 24 hours. Police can now hack your device, collect or delete your data, take over your social media accounts - all without a judge's warrant.

Twitter account with pepe profile negotiates release of spanish prisoners
Weird timeline we're living in. Also, archive your fucking links.
It's unbelievable how many link rot we have today for some not-so-old articles.

Onlyfans bans NSFW content
I heard that it is due to pressure from investors, Mastercard, and Visa

Rumble (Youtube Alternative) will pay creators who ‘challenge the status quo’

We needed a youtube rival for a long time, even if rumble is shit!

Facebook encrypts Messenger phone calls (supposedly)

New Biden Infrastructure Bill will attempt to ban end to end encryption

Snopes founder plagiarized and published dozens of articles under a fake name

$600,000,000 stole from PolyNetwork
But they only offer $500k as a prize? No way!
Archived Link: https://archive.is/52It8

"GETTR" - Yet another conservative alternate social media platform
Let me guess... honeypot?
No one will actually use this. The average person at this time does not care about free speech. There has to be at least SOMETHING different about it to get a single person to use this OVER twitter instead of because they CANT use twitter.

Kiwifarms under attack!

"Someone is currently paying money to DoS attack the forum."

The drama has to do with kiwifarms users alledgedly causing another individual ("byuu") to commit suicide, as revenge, the site was ddosed.

The pigs argue amongst eachother!
Good, I've never liked them Kiwifags.

Freenode is mostly dead by now
As the last structures of this rotten system fall apart, users are starting to move to other options. Such as "libera.chat", and some to Rizon. These both represent 2 sides of an extreme, however, and a large niche for a special type of channel is left open for another successor.


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