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BREAKING: Twitter wa 2
BREAKING - Twitter has been sold to Elon Musk and will go private after agreeing to a deal worth $44 billion.

Source: https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1518664419873591299
Kuz announces he has 44
Soyjak.party, the worlds 4th largest english language imageboard, has been purchase by Administrator Kuznetsov.

"I am bringing the sharty under new Administration" he wrote on his telegram channel.

"Despite some of our previous conflicts, I greatly admire Soot and what he has done for the site, his relaxed style of ownership and honesty, and I will continue like he did to maintain the site to its fullest extent. I hope to even keep him on the team if he's willing. I will be better enforcing the rule on no shilling, which includes cracking down on unsavory imageboard advertisements and related things. I also plan to undo all previous bans on the site to give all users a fresh slate, and I will impliment hash filtering to counter the CP problem."

>This is the kuz comeback!


The SP Wiki has mysteriously went offline and soot has not spoke about the occurence yet.

The dailyjak, a 1,000 subscriber telegram channel that posts new soyjak OC and news on the sharty also reported on this news.
Cloudflare pulls kiw 7
Here’s what China 3
1) Major crackdown on social media companies, as the CCP believes social media is corrosive and stops people from meeting one another in real life. Overnight, they annihilated 6 of the 7 top internet companies.

2) Education reforms - ban on private tutoring, children now to start education at age 6, giving them more time at home with their parents, ban on foreign teachers who aren't residents of China, ban on companies that teach the curriculum outside of school hours.

3) Video games - The party has announced that video games are a "spiritual opium" and have started rounding up people who are addicted to video games to send them to treatment centers. Additionally, video games on app stores for children are now banned. Children also limited to 3 hours per week of video game play.

4) End of 996 culture - legal limit to 40 hour work week, with maximum 10 hour shifts. Family life is to be given new centre by companies.

5) The creation of a "masculine and feminine" school curriculum, with girls being educated to be good mothers and boys being taught to be masculine and strong. CCP demands a "revolutionary and warlike spirit" from young men.

6) Cash-for-children, housing, social welfare, education and careers will be linked to the number of children that you have. The more children you have, the cheaper things will be for you and the easier you will find it to get promotions at work.

7) Weekends - Chinese companies will now be required to give 1 day of paid leave per week to ensure parents spend time with their families.

8) Festivals - the CCP will require unmarried men and women to attend festivals were they will be told to seek partners for marriage. These festivals will be held as part of the working environment and so will be paid for by companies in China.

9) Paid leave - Chinese couples who have a child will now receive 12 months of paid leave.
Protonmail compromis 2

Crypto in the USA de 3
The Biden regime has just announced it is signing the new "infrastructure bill" into law, with bipartisan support.

Contained within the bill are several new regulations regarding cryptocurrency, notably;

1. A new requirement for mining pools, exchanges, and other "brokers" (anyone who exchanges cryptocurrency between 2 people) to report on their identity and the identity of the people involved. This will effectively kill anonymous use of cryptocurrencies (legally).

2. A new section of the bill targeted at criminalizing private end-to-end encryption. The bill specifically sites "unlawful use of technology to facilitate crime" and will introduce laws to criminalize the use of it.

Authoritarianism fans regard this as a big win for penalizing privacy, and mass-censorship, and are hopeful for the future of complete government control, while others are disappointing in the biden regimes criminalization of innocent civillians.

They say that prohibiting cryptocurrency will immediately put an end to the internet drug trade, as its a well known fact that criminalizing things makes people stop doing them, thats why prohibition worked so well in the 1920s.
Right wing web regis 19
node-ipc has been up 4
"GETTR" - 2
China remains strong 3
China has warned the US that any sanctions against china for not participating in sanctions against Russia will be met with "severe repercussions".

Russias other allies include South africa, China, north korea, venezuelea and Pakistan

Pakistans prime minister went as far as to say "What do you think of us? Are we your slaves? Are we supposed to do whatever you want us to?" When reffering to US pressure for not condemning Russia

The US imperialist governments rabid and crude approach of harassing other countries into condemnding Russia has been met with some resistance, some neutral countries such as brazil, india, and mexico all refused to sanction or condemn Russia, and have even been attacked by pro-western forces for their refusal. However, these neutral states have proclaimed each in their own way that they will not be pressured into breaking off their alliance with Russia.

>The whole world is not united against Russia, thats ludicrous. The biggest states by population in the world, china, india, mexico, etc are all standing by Russia. Only the west and its profit-crazed, puppets on strings still subscribe to this idea.
Cock.li now invite-o 0
MongoDB is terminati 1
$600,000,000 1
But they only offer $500k as a prize? No way!
Australia passes dra 1

Unprecedented surveillance bill rushed through parliament in 24 hours. Police can now hack your device, collect or delete your data, take over your social media accounts - all without a judge's warrant.
Kuz announces purcha 8
JUST IN: Minutes ago kuz announced through KolymaNET IRC that he had successfully completed a deal to purchase "Vidlii", a video sharing website based around old youtube and freedom of speech, for an undisclosed amount of money.

The transfer of ownership will take place "some time this month" and kuz will be handling the server transfer of Vidlii shortly.

Kuz was notably NOT listed as the new "Owner", merely as a signee on the deal to purchase vidlii and his involvement in its administration being heavily implied. Who the official owner is is unknown
"Truth Social&q 6
Previous: >>135
Trump Company will l 8
Says an official announcement from their inbox.

Yet ANOTHER alt-tech social media. This one is literally endorsed and created by trump, so maybe it will be good. How many more do we need though?

You can sign up at truthsocial.com


Thanks, trump ヽ(´∇`)ノ
Donald Trump’s Web 3

New Biden Infrastruc 2
Heyuris textboards are at last, back.

4chan suffers new, m 9
In a series of large threads, a user from soyjak.party, one of kuz's websites, who is also a janitor on 4chan, decided to leak the entire /j/ board as well as the janitor discord.

The discord:


Reddit Quarantines r 1
"This community is quarantined: This Community contains a high volume of information not supported by credible sources."

Exactly what you would expect from an American propaganda site. A user of the subreddit stated:
>Not supported by credible sources? Or not supported by 'Preferable Sources'?
>There is a difference.
Anti-VaxMandate Riot 3
Anti vaccine mandate protesters/rioters destroyed a pop-up testing center in Manhattan New York. This comes as a response to Mayor Bill De Blasio making it so all city workers must be vaccinated or be tested on a weekly basis. The protest ended up at the Department of Education in Brooklyn.
Business Insider Article:
After Certificate Au 0
Various Certificate Authorities, a system which Comrade General Secretary Kuznetsov has professed his criticism of, have blocked Russian websites from renewing certificates.

The Russian state has envisioned a solution in a domestic certificate authority for the independent issuing and renewal of TLS certificates.

“It will replace the foreign security certificate if it is revoked or expires. The Ministry of Digital Development will provide a free domestic analogue. The service is provided to legal entities – site owners upon request within 5 working days,” explains the Russian public services portal, Gosuslugi (translated).

Despite numerous attempts by the west to cut off Russia from the world, the government of the Russian Federation was prepared at every angle, and has repelled this disgusting exercise of overreach by the internet oligarchs.
Russian Government n 1
The Government of Russian Federation passed resolution to allow Bitcoin to be used as payment for services of the Government of Russia.
Brandon Nozaki Mille 1
>Someone hacked Brandon Nozaki Miller's twitter account, put out an extensive doxbin, leaked his DMs where he looks like he's trying to have an affair (with a tranny???), and the hacker says he's in the Ashley Madison leak.

Shinzo Abe assassina 1
The former leader of Japan was killed by 2 shots with a shotgun. The attack killed him and then stood, waiting for arrest. He is no longer showing "any signs of life".

Aftermath: https://2ch.sh/src/2469.mp4
Freenode is mostly d 0
As the last structures of this rotten system fall apart, users are starting to move to other options. Such as "libera.chat", and some to Rizon. These both represent 2 sides of an extreme, however, and a large niche for a special type of channel is left open for another successor.

Kiwifarms under atta 2

"Someone is currently paying money to DoS attack the forum."

The drama has to do with kiwifarms users alledgedly causing another individual ("byuu") to commit suicide, as revenge, the site was ddosed.

The pigs argue amongst eachother!
hard drive shortage 6

With the emergence of the Chia cryptocurrency, miners in China are reportedly frantically snatching up every hard drive and SSD they can find. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, you don't mine Chia with a processor, graphics card or ASIC miner. Instead, you farm Chia with storage space, which is where hard drives or SSDs come in. Chia isn't officially available for trading yet, therefore, it's too early to start hoarding hard drives or SSDs.

damn chinks
Rumble (Youtube Alte 0

We needed a youtube rival for a long time, even if rumble is shit!
Boris Johnson resign 0
Q Returns after 2 ye 1
"kncdn" an 2

>Due to the messiness of stored files, we have created 1, central cdn to replace cdn.kolyma.org, static.kolyma.org, and koko.kolyma.org.

>https://kncdn.org is where all static, and soon, user uploaded files will be stored.
EU passes new mass s 1
Lawmakers seek AI-based checks of all message content & images directly on users' devices in order to bypass encryption protocols.
BREAKING: Russia wil 2
Russia will supply food and crops only to friend countries - Medvedev.

Ukraines exports have been halted and Russia will only supply to friendly countries, this is huge news for the stability of the world and its grain supply!
Ruble stabilises to 0
Meanwhile, cost everything is rising in the US, but mostly the cost of food and gas.
Durov forgot to chec 1
>It seems that we had an issue with emails going between our telegram.org corporate addresses and the Brazilian Supreme Court. As a result of this miscommunication, the Court ruled to ban Telegram for being unresponsive.

>On behalf of our team, I apologize to the Brazilian Supreme Court for our negligence. We definitely could have done a better job.

>We complied with an earlier court decision in late February and responded with a suggestion to send future takedown requests to a dedicated email address. Unfortunately, our response must have been lost, because the Court used the old general-purpose email address in further attempts to reach us. As a result, we missed its decision in early March that contained a follow-up takedown request. Luckily, we have now found and processed it, delivering another report to the Court today.
Meta (Facebook, Inst 0
META (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp) is now fully legally declared as an extremist organisation in Russia after Russian courts enforced the ban on them today
Namecheap begs Russi 0
Namecheaps 500 or so Ukranian employees asked Namecheap to bar Russian users to use the platform, Namecheap did so.

After banning 10% of all their users, a massive amount of users began to leave, and more have left in 2022 than have joined namecheap.

After this, namecheap reached out to Russian users and asked them to change their location to kazakhstan and continue business with namecheap, to little success. Now the Ukranian employees are furious, and the Russian customers have left. Some have quit.
Sources from Insider "Stanislav Kumbayev" on VK
EU proposes to ban K 0
Kaspersky is a Russian Cybersecurity Firm. They have said the ban is "baseless and politically motivated" and "illogical".
Wikipedia, Spotify, 2
Kolyma 17 Year anniv 0
EN - https://www.kolyma.org/statements/17-anniversary-kolyma-founding
RU - https://www.kolyma.org/statements/17ya-godovzhina-kolymiy
TR - https://www.kolyma.org/statements/kolymain-kurulusunun-17-yil-donumu
Facebook and Instagr 0
Russia decriminalize 1
Sanctions hit Kolyma 0
NVIDIA confirms DATA 0
Nvidia has confirmed threat actors gained access to data and employee login data. (Bleeping Computer)

The Lapsus$ hacking group claimed to have orchestrated the attack and reportedly shared details about the incident, and the damage it inflicted.
Russian hacker group 1
The hackers of the Russian group Killnet said they disabled the Anonymous group's website and urged Russians not to believe Internet fakes and remain calm. Presumably, the Killnet appeal on Tuesday, March 1, was published in one of the Telegram channels.

Killnet is a long standing hacker group across Russia which has been described as "Russia's anonymous" and frequently target russias enemies. After Anonymous, a US state-backed hacking department of the US military declared war on Russia, vigilantes across eastern europe have been fighting back, hacking twitter accounts, taking down websites, and doxxing ukrainian war criminals.
Namecheap forces Rus 0

Namecheap has cancelled its service with all Russian customers, including Kuz and Kolyma.
Switzerland ends off 4
Switzerlands centuries-long promise of neutrality has ended. Swiss banks, which provided their services to Nazis in WW2, balkan war criminals in the 80s, and genocidal african warlods through the 60s, have just decided to freeze Russian assets in their banks.
Rumble AND odysee bo 1
After Rogans recent controversy on spotify relating to his covid comments, spotify has removed over 70 of his episodes. In response, Rumble, a youtube alternative offered him $100,000,000 to switch to their site.

In response, Odysee, another alternative, offered the same.

Tiktok overtakes goo 6
Earlier this week tiktok.com overtook google as the most-visited and most-used website in the world, according to Alexa (Alexa.com) and Cloudflare Radar (https://radar.cloudflare.com/)
Facebook is changing 4
$150,000,000 Stole i 0
Crypto exchange BitMart said late Saturday that it has suffered a hack, resulting in the loss of $150 million worth of cryptocurrencies

Founder and CEO Sheldon Xia later confirmed the incident, writing on Twitter: "We have identified a large-scale security breach related to one of our ETH hot wallets and one of our BSC hot wallets. At this moment we are still concluding the possible methods used. The hackers were able to withdraw assets of the value of approximately USD 150 millions."
Facebook plans to re 0
Facebook is planning to give itself a new name next week to reflect its focus on the metaverse

zucc plans to discuss facebook's rebranding at the companys annual connect conference on Oct. 28, but an announcement could come sooner.

Now big tech can even further isolate the human race from eachother. You WILL only participate in meetings conducted in a proffessional version of VR chat. You WILL not ever see your friends. Stay home. Eat the soylent. Dont get sunlight. Dont breathe fresh air. Dont touch grass.

Verizon Is Blocking 2

(;´Д`) You can change this by changing your DNS provider
Government secretly 1
Facebook catastrophe 3
NEW - Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger down for over one hour and counting. The Cost of Shutdown Tool (COST) calculates a rough estimate of ~$160m in losses per hour to the global economy. On the other hand, freedom from Zuckerberg's apps.

DNS records that tell systems around the world how to find Facebook.com or Instagram.com got withdrawn from the global Internet routing tables this morning. This could mean a wider attack at facebooks domain registrar servers.

Data of over 1.5 billion Facebook users is being sold on a popular hacking-related forum. Data contains users’ names, emails, phone numbers, locations, gender, and user ID.

This is the largest and most significant Facebook data dump to date and seemingly unrelated to an earlier 2021 Facebook data dump.


NYT reports that Facebook employees reportedly can't enter buildings to evaluate the Internet outage because their door access badges don't work anymore, apparently due to electronic fire.

What the HELL?
Australian bandicoot 2

>A small furry marsupial that roamed plains in Australia has been brought back from the brink of extinction on the country's mainland, officials say.

>Numbers of the Eastern Barred Bandicoot plummeted on the mainland because of foxes and habitat destruction.

>Now, after 30 years of conservation efforts, the number has jumped from just 150 animals to an estimated 1,500.

>It is the first time Australia has changed the status of an animal from "extinct in the wild" to "endangered".

>When recorded population levels of the bandicoots plunged in Australia's Victoria state in the years leading up to the late 1980s, conservation teams invested millions of dollars setting up captive breeding programmes.

>They created predator-free sites - some of which were protected by trained dogs - and moved some of the animals to fox-free islands.

>Announcing the change in conservation status of the bandicoot on Wednesday, Victoria's Environment Minister Lily D'Ambrosio said she was "excited" about the project's success, adding: "It is an incredible first for Australia."

>A threatened species biologist at Zoos Victoria in Melbourne, Amy Coetsee, said the news offered "hope that with persistence, determination and the support of government, volunteers and communities, we can win the fight against extinction", AFP news agency reported.

>Australia has the worst mammal extinction rate of any country in the world, according to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia.
Yandex DDOS attack t 1
Twitter account with 2
Onlyfans bans NSFW c 1
Facebook encrypts Me 0
Snopes founder plagi 0
Kiryu Coco (Vtuber) 0

Bitcucks kneel to su 0
cnpp going to explod 0
Liveleak down for go 1
Almost 2 weeks later 3
On April 29th, the owner of the popular dark-net resource aggregator, dark.fail, posted to his twitter account that the dark.fail domain, as well as the darknetlive domain, had been hijacked and stolen by phishers. As of today, he still has not gotten it back.

Future Competitor to 4

Better prices and limits
Worlds first dogecoi 1
In all fairness, he probably already had alot of money considering his initial investment



Parler returning to 1
I actually thought parler was still dead

Facebook wants to &q 1
Facebook hopes to 'normalize' idea of data scraping leaks, says leaked internal memo

An internal email sent in error to a Belgian journalist describes Facebook's strategy for changing the narrative about data scraping ahead of further incidents.

KNN Launches 8
KNN (Kolyma News Navigator) has just launched
"kolymaSTAT&quo 0
Slow down!!

ad on 4/jp/ explodes 3

why are they like this?
q revealed? 2
codemonkey/ron watkins accidentally reveals himself as Q


https://twitter.com/i/status/1378916248063463428 (embed)

watch the twitter video. its telling

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