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No. ▼ Subject Name Reply Date
1887Cloudflare pulls kiwifarmsAnonymous_Reporter72022/09/03(Sat)18:41 ID:oLbTNYkY
17824chan suffers new, major internal leakAnonymous_Reporter92022/08/19(Fri)17:35 ID:z.yez0io
1709Kuz announces he has purchased the 'partyAnonymous_Reporter442022/07/16(Sat)18:09 ID:dxTjDmMM
1707Shinzo Abe assassinatedAnonymous_Reporter12022/07/07(Thu)23:23 ID:ZdjfNAuk
1706Boris Johnson resigns as UK prime MinisterAnonymous_Reporter02022/07/07(Thu)10:04 ID:fCXpK0aU
1703Q Returns after 2 year silenceAnonymous_Reporter12022/06/25(Sat)12:13 ID:yK4yYyCI
1699EU passes new mass surveillance laws, bypasses E2EAnonymous_Reporter12022/05/10(Tue)10:09 ID:khMPqzsQ
1698BREAKING: Twitter was sold to Elon MuskAnonymous_Reporter22022/04/25(Mon)15:07 ID:Zcu3yYAs
1692BREAKING: Russia will NOT export grains to unfriendly countries!Anonymous_Reporter22022/04/01(Fri)01:08 ID:B7..7UV.
1691Ruble stabilises to pre-war normalcyAnonymous_Reporter02022/03/30(Wed)17:24 ID:bYNo8Adw
1690Russian Government now will accept Bitcoin as paymentAnonymous_Reporter12022/03/24(Thu)14:32 ID:3hml3he6
1687Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp) declared terrorist organization by RussiaAnonymous_Reporter02022/03/21(Mon)19:05 ID:B8x6mGuU
1686Brandon Nozaki Miller's (node-ipc malware guy) twitter hacked by anonAnonymous_Reporter12022/03/19(Sat)20:52 ID:xhtHt/oo
1685Durov forgot to check his email, now telegram is banned in BrazilAnonymous_Reporter12022/03/18(Fri)19:57 ID:xKAemkxQ
1682Namecheap begs Russian users to come back after huge lossesAnonymous_Reporter02022/03/17(Thu)02:22 ID:m2YOQelU
1680node-ipc has been updated with malware that targets Russians and BelorussiansAnonymous_Reporter42022/03/16(Wed)23:18 ID:QSVGBNEI
1679EU proposes to ban Kaspersky anti-virus due to Russian ownershipAnonymous_Reporter02022/03/15(Tue)14:22 ID:qRLQNDnk
1677Kolyma 17 Year anniversary Address releasedAnonymous_Reporter02022/03/14(Mon)15:56 ID:.SF7cixw
1675MongoDB is terminating Russian accountsAnonymous_Reporter12022/03/13(Sun)17:27 ID:LFDZJV0c
1673China remains strong to its commitment of friendship with RussiaAnonymous_Reporter32022/03/11(Fri)18:12 ID:XrM1IunI
1672After Certificate Authorities expectedly target Russia, Roskomnadzor had a solutionAnonymous_Reporter02022/03/11(Fri)00:08 ID:iyL0xo.I
1671Facebook and Instagram temporarily allows posts calling for violence against RussiansAnonymous_Reporter02022/03/10(Thu)21:21 ID:MbUAHa8.
1669Wikipedia, Spotify, Discord all suffering major downtimeAnonymous_Reporter22022/03/08(Tue)15:41 ID:NzVSEdb2
1667Russia decriminalizes software piracyAnonymous_Reporter12022/03/05(Sat)20:14 ID:T.9TDN5o
1666Sanctions hit Kolyma hard, main website closed down with messageAnonymous_Reporter02022/03/04(Fri)22:00 ID:10cHtshs
1665NVIDIA confirms DATA STOLEN in recent cyberattackAnonymous_Reporter02022/03/01(Tue)20:05 ID:/mKuPNAU
1662Reddit Quarantines r/RussiaAnonymous_Reporter12022/03/01(Tue)16:32 ID:iNJ1vM7U
1661Russian hacker group Killnet took down Anonymous' websiteAnonymous_Reporter12022/03/01(Tue)14:19 ID:QvvXcsco
1660Namecheap forces Russian users off platformAnonymous_Reporter02022/02/28(Mon)21:08 ID:mGr9EUPQ
1655Switzerland ends official neutralityAnonymous_Reporter42022/02/28(Mon)03:27 ID:ADMIN
181Rumble AND odysee both offer Joe Rogan to switch to their platforms on same dayAnonymous_Reporter12022/02/07(Mon)14:47 ID:eWPWLJV.
172Kuz announces purchase of Vidlii.comAnonymous_Reporter82022/02/04(Fri)18:31 ID:nls4tVC2
161"Truth Social", Trumps social media app will launch in FebruaryAnonymous_Reporter62022/01/06(Thu)16:55 ID:IhBNIf5.
154Tiktok overtakes google as largest website in the worldAnonymous_Reporter62021/12/27(Mon)11:04 ID:xFnKO9ig
151$150,000,000 Stole in Crypto hack on "BitMart" exchangeAnonymous_Reporter02021/12/04(Sat)22:51 ID:ZV9K1ud6
146Crypto in the USA dead after Biden regime passes new bill with massive widespread regulationAnonymous_Reporter32021/11/16(Tue)07:16 ID:JA2qfEhI
143Facebook is changing its official name to "Meta"Anonymous_Reporter42021/10/28(Thu)14:32 ID:hYuDMY0k
135Trump Company will launch its own social network, named "TRUTH Social", to rival big techAnonymous_Reporter82021/10/20(Wed)22:02 ID:ADMIN
133Facebook plans to rename itself to reflect dystopian new technology: "Metaverse"Anonymous_Reporter02021/10/20(Wed)15:50 ID:KRP63O3Y
129Donald Trump’s Website Hacked And Defaced By Turkish HackerAnonymous_Reporter32021/10/18(Mon)18:15 ID:5MKrJOMc
126Verizon Is Blocking Various Websites on their mobile networksAnonymous_Reporter221/10/14(Thu)00:56 ID:EcmSsdr.
121Anti-VaxMandate Rioters in New York Destroy A Pop-Up Testing CenterAnonymous_Reporter321/10/07(Thu)22:21 ID:X4CADWhg
119Government secretly orders Google to hand over search history for users who commit wrongthinkAnonymous_Reporter121/10/05(Tue)22:13 ID:ahJrUke.
115Facebook catastrophe: Massive DNS failure, electronic fire, and user data hack. 1.5B compromisedAnonymous_Reporter321/10/04(Mon)15:23 ID:lhTOM8AA
110Australian bandicoot brought back from brink of extinctionAnonymous_Reporter221/09/18(Sat)20:17 ID:jvodfMDo
99Yandex DDOS attack takes out KolymaNET's search functionAnonymous_Reporter121/09/16(Thu)21:02 ID:zPa8wHWY
83Right wing web registrar "epik" suffers major vigilante hackAnonymous Reporter1921/09/13(Mon)17:44
82Here’s what China did in the last 2 weeksAnonymous Reporter321/09/09(Thu)00:50
80Protonmail compromisedAnonymous Reporter221/09/07(Tue)12:13
79Australia passes draconian new surveillance lawAnonymous Reporter121/09/02(Thu)11:23

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