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China remains strong to its commitment of friendship with Russia

China has warned the US that any sanctions against china for not participating in sanctions against Russia will be met with "severe repercussions".

Russias other allies include South africa, China, north korea, venezuelea and Pakistan

Pakistans prime minister went as far as to say "What do you think of us? Are we your slaves? Are we supposed to do whatever you want us to?" When reffering to US pressure for not condemning Russia

The US imperialist governments rabid and crude approach of harassing other countries into condemnding Russia has been met with some resistance, some neutral countries such as brazil, india, and mexico all refused to sanction or condemn Russia, and have even been attacked by pro-western forces for their refusal. However, these neutral states have proclaimed each in their own way that they will not be pressured into breaking off their alliance with Russia.

>The whole world is not united against Russia, thats ludicrous. The biggest states by population in the world, china, india, mexico, etc are all standing by Russia. Only the west and its profit-crazed, puppets on strings still subscribe to this idea.
China and Russia are truly greatest allies!

I don't speak much Russian, so here's a reply in Chinese:




提一下,你们的媒体 RT新闻 在中国很受欢迎!


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