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4chan suffers new, major internal leak

In a series of large threads, a user from soyjak.party, one of kuz's websites, who is also a janitor on 4chan, decided to leak the entire /j/ board as well as the janitor discord.

The discord:


Kolyma gem
You coming home with me wh*tey
i have aids
OBLITERATE stinky niggers
4chan is a active study for (((them))).

They range banned numerous ips in right wing demographic areas. Have not been able to post on there properly for years. 4chan also sandboxes and regionally changes the threads you see with a algorithm to specifically target you with demoralization, threads ads, banners, especially if you stay on the same ip and post. If you stay on the same IP, (((4chan))) also identifys and gang stalks the more active contributing non-kosher "users" with even more specific demoralization threads or post.

I tested this multiple times over the last 5 years. Post Pro we wu kangz and the real jews nigger speech theres a sudden flood of fuck niggers on unrelated boards in unison the day after targeting black we wuzzers. Post that your from a random mesitizo country and you hate jews. Theres suddenly threads sometimes the day of but usually the day after saying nuke Paraguay, Panama after I went claiming in multiple post and threads over days that "we Paraguayans or Panamanians" hate jews. The fastest way I got range banned was making OC Pro-White memes or fuck jew memes. With in the day or days the IPs are ranged banned for posting only OC memes with non related ban reasons.

I go on a vpn simultaneously on another device and those targeted threads aren't even showing up when I can see a flood of them on the same tracked IP used over days.

The fact you have to trigger the sand boxing shows it has its limits because eventually they range ban those targeted Ips if you continue to post or especially make memes so its needs a operator to adjust the algorithm.
Are black men...gods, by historical descriptions? Hear me out, when I say this.

Black men perfectly fit the description of Turkic gods, at the very least, demigods. Whenever I watch BLACKED or in real life, see a black man easily seduce and destroy a white bitch, while shouting down whitebois who shudder in fear like the evil beasts of old, it seems Herculean.

I dare say we may live in the age of myth, but these black gods are no myth. They are quite real, as well are their impressively lengthed members they use to inseminate white wombs utilizing their impeccable virility.

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